Deborah Mulvany and Shaping Wellness

Sound familiar?

No matter how good our intentions it’s safe to say that maintaining a healthy balance of diet and exercise is rarely as easy as we’d hope.

A busy life gets in the way of exercise, supermarkets full of cheap food, fast food gets in the way of a healthy diet and any number of emotional and/or physical issues can stop us from being at our best.

It’s easy enough for full time trainers and photoshopped celebs to tell us that we should be paying more attention to what we put into your bodies, but in the real world it’s never that simple.

My story

My name’s Deborah and I’m fat. There’s no two ways about it: I’m a lipoedema sufferer and, as such, I struggle to maintain a healthy body weight. On top of this, I’m a full time career woman and mother to two wonderful (and very healthy) daughters, which means that exercise never comes at the top of my priority list. None of this is an ‘excuse’, it just is and I’m no stranger to cruel comments from members of the public and even doctors, who believe that my condition is somehow self-inflicted.

I’m also familiar with the funny looks I get when I tell people that I’m a nutritionist.

However, with an academic background in Biochemistry with Medical and Nutritional Bioscience and a personal history of health problems, there is no one better situated to help you face your own diet demons.

What I can do for you

I specialise in weight management, obesity and diabetes prevention, as well as family nutrition and lifestyle advice. I also offer allergy testing for children and adults, and can help clients who need to avoid certain foodstuffs or chemicals to develop an eating plan that works for them and their families.

I take a holistic approach to my clients’ health and focus, not just on weight, but on body composition (the balance between lean muscle mass and body fat) as well as hydration. Because of this all-encompassing approach, my clients enjoy excellent, long term results in terms of weight loss, overall health and improvement of body shape.

Working with me

At your first appointment we will complete a detailed diet and lifestyle questionnaire, which will help me construct a bespoke diet plan for you by uncovering the real reasons behind your weight problems. Whether you’re underweight or overweight, whether your problems are physical or emotional, whether your diet needs a tweak of or a complete overhaul, I can help you down a lifelong path to nutritional wellbeing.

Most importantly, I will not judge you based on your size or history as I would hope that you wouldn’t judge me. We all have diet demons, but with my help you can conquer yours.

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Deborah mulvany

Deborah Mulvany BSc