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Looking to improve the way you look and fell? Or, do you have questions about the food you are eating and your general nutrition? Shaping Wellness offer a comprehensive body scan and nutrition breakdown that will help us analyze every aspect of your heating habits.

Here in our centre, we take you through a step by step process, breaking down and analysing everything from what you eat through to your sleeping patterns. From this, we work out a plan to achieve your goal whether it be to lose weight, sleep better and feel more energetic.

A health review is great for stamping out constant tiredness, fatigue, bloating, being over/under weight, poor sleep and many other things. If you would like more on our nutrition and wellness review, simply get in touch, or fill in our review form and we shall start to analyse you before you book in.

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Why have a Wellness Review?

  • Boost energy levels and well being.
  • Achieve a target weight whether it be weight loss or gain.
  • Become more proactive and happier within yourself.

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