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Better Body Club

Enjoy a better your with the Better Body Club

This 12-week nutrition course will give you the knowledge and support to achieve long-term weight loss. It is run as a challenge for groups of up to 25 people.

Each week you will attend a private weigh-in, along with an education/coaching session of around an hour. The education session is designed around the principles of good nutrition and healthy eating, and the importance of exercise, water and rest.

There is a small participation fee, which includes a contribution to the prize fund. This money will be split between the three participants who have lost the most weight/inches/fat during the 12 weeks.

At Shaping Wellness we understand that weight loss/maintenance is not just about diet and exercise. Many other factors can undermine the best of intentions and the strongest resolve. Each week your wellness coach will work with you to suggest ways you can deal with or work around such issues to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

The challenge is designed to provide inspiration and stimulation, and to make your weight loss journey as enjoyable as possible. Each week you will get to meet like-minded people facing similar obstacles. Meetings are an opportunity to get expert advice, share helpful information, or just listen and gain support from other people in the Challenge. All weigh-in results are confidential and will not be shared unless you choose to do so.

Cash prizes
To provide you with an extra incentive, money from participation fees will be added to a prize fund that will be shared between the three ‘biggest losers’ in each challenge. Remember it’s not just about pounds on the scales, but the overall percentage of your body weight lost, your changing shape, and fat to muscle ratio.

The weekly education slots will provide a balanced and holistic approach to weight loss, which is proven to achieve long-lasting results. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding your body composition
  • The importance of protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Good and bad fats
  • Why fibre is essential
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy snacking
  • Metabolism and exercise
  • Understanding food labels
  • Eating out healthily
  • Digestive health
  • Portion control
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Why join the Weight Loss Challenge?

  • Better achieve your weight and body shape desire
  • Be part of a group working towards the same goal
  • Feel good about yourself

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